Funtastic Dracula Carnival, Island of Benidorm



Funtastic Drácula Carnival
Sunday November 3
Excursion to the Island of Benidorm

Fdc2019 Excursión Isla Benidorm

  • Sunday 3 November Excursion to the Island of Benidorm
  • 2 hours, € 15 per person.

full, no seats available!!!.

Catamaran excursion to Benidorm Island

160 Places - 2 hours duration - € 15 per person.

The departure time is at 12:30 p.m. from the port of Benidorm.

If you decide to go to the island of Benidorm, in our catamaran with underwater vision we offer you a very well maintained cruise so that you can enjoy the journey accompanied by the gentle sea breeze under the November sun.


The boat has a Bar in case you want to have a snack or share a table with whomever you want, beers and soft drinks at popular prices € 1.5.

You can go down and do an expedition around the island or stay on the boat dancing in the sun

What to see in Benidorm Island

The excursion lasts 2 hours, when you arrive on the island a tour is made around you to contemplate the underwater bottom.

On the island you can see the seagulls taking sunbathing, with a cliff about 70 meters high, from the jetty you can enjoy its views, even observe from there the most famous line of vertical hotels in Spain.

If you are one of those who enjoy nature, this island offers you a great variety of flora and fauna and varied sea beds with crystal clear waters that you can observe in detail from the catamaran boat, a space cataloged as paradise by the scuba divers who visit it, since it is full of caves and reefs very populated with fish and marine vegetation.

We advise you to take advantage of your stay in Benidorm to enjoy this excursion, you just need to see something different.


Visit Benidorm Island

An island full of curiosities

Did you know that the Island of Benidorm was named the Island of Journalists ?, The Federation of Press Associations of Spain sponsored the Island in May 1970 at the XXVIII meeting of the National Assembly of Journalism Associations in Spain, in which it I wanted to form a university faculty to create a journalistic career, signing a parchment the same afternoon that the island was visited for that purpose, if you go to the Island you can see the plaque that details it.

Did you know that pirates used the small islet as a base to carry out their attacks on the coastal towns of the bay?

Did you know that in 1830 and trying to flee cholera some families populated it?

Did you know that the island is not inhabited even by the employees of the restaurant, although the building that today is a restaurant was a house where a guard lived whose mission was not to monitor but prevent the government from staying with the island for not being inhabited, since such a decree detailed it?

Did you know that the island served the fishermen for rest before fishing in the sea and used grilled fish for dinner?

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Booking policy and contracting conditions

Excursion November 3, 2019 to the Island of Benidorm.

  • Only one entry will be accepted per group to contract the reservation.
  • Once the reservation has been made and confirmed, the boarding ticket will be sent.
  • Cancellations .

    • If you do not attend or have not canceled within 10 business days of the event, the amount of the reservation will not be refunded.
    • Those groups or people who wish to cancel their reservation must do so with a minimum of 10 business days to be reimbursed the total amount without expenses.
    • If the event is suspended for reasons beyond the control of the company, weather or security, the full payment of the reservation will be refunded by bank transfer within a maximum period of 10 days.
    • To carry out the activity, it will be guaranteed from a minimum of places, in case of not reaching that minimum the event will be canceled and the amount of the reservation will be fully refunded by bank transfer within a maximum period of 10 business days.
    • The loss of boarding for not complying with the schedule will in no case be entitled to a refund of the amount of the reservation.
  • Other .

    • The company will not be responsible for any services outside the stipulated ones.
    • The organizer of each group will be responsible for any damage caused by the same or any component of the group.
    • In the event of any claim by the client regarding outsourced services, the shipyard will notify the company in order to resolve it as soon as possible.
    • The entry of drinks and food of all kinds, as well as the entry of pyrotechnic material, glass objects, sharp objects and any type of element that can be used as a weapon, is prohibited on the ship.
    • When booking the boat, the client accepts the services, excluding the company from any responsibility, for accidents caused by drunkenness, falls, blows, burns, cuts, broken clothing, shoes, etc., during the event.
    • Prices VAT included.
    • The company reserves the right of admission.
    • Only more seats will be accepted upon availability.
    • The company reserves the right to last minute modifications to the services.